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Vision & Approach

Broken Branches is a recovery initiative designed to help individuals struggling with addiction undergo profound transformations in Jesus Christ. This Christ-centered program provides training, mentorship, counseling, and structure designed to teach participants the critical life skill to reintegrate into society with confidence fostering success. Broken Branches provides a supportive environment for personal growth, spiritual development, and building meaningful relationships within a Christ-centered community. Participants are encouraged to approach the program with dedication and a humble heart for a more fulfilling life.

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Regrafting Process

​God wants all of His children to be made new and regrafted into the vine of His kingdom. The regrafting process uses the following principles

  • Multi-phase approach designed to encourage growth and development

  • Focus on body, mind, and soul, including practical life skills rooted in Christian principles

  • Emphasis on sobriety, housing, employment, and social connections

  • Empowerment to identify triggers and develop faith-based strategies for relapse prevention

  • Development of “Self Leadership”

  • The HOW-TOs of building healthy relationships

  • Acknowledgment of the importance of family in the recovery journey, providing support for healing relationships

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